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Thread: Continuous disconnects on all devices / upload snr magrin drop

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    Continuous disconnects on all devices / upload snr magrin drop

    we got ADSL2 over FTTC now, the cabinet is 2,2 km (wich should not be as bad) and the central is about 3,5km away.

    But we have extremly problems, while gaming for example we got mini dcs (packet losses) for ~1-2 seconds almost every 1-2 minutes and longer dcs 10-15 seconds every 10+ minutes. I really dont know how this can happen with those stats.
    I noticed that snr margin for upload drops from 6db to 3db and while a disconnect it rises to 6665db or something like that.

    For now i read this guide:

    We removed every splitter and filters and replaced the in house cable wich now is not longer then 3 meters anymore (no kinks).
    The telephone cables outside get transported over mast and those cables all are not shielded with a aluminium foil. So we didnt used a shielded cable to.

    So my question is does we propably need a band filter to filter mobile radio (wich probably can disturb into the cable) or does the modem already does this job?
    What we can do to fix this problems ?
    Its definitly not a fault of modem or devices. I tried a lot on different devices and modems, was connected via ethernet.

    UP / DOWN
    Speed: 800kbps /1550 kbps
    Line attenuation: 18db / 35 db
    Snr Margin: 5,5 db / 6db
    Power transmitted: 10,4dbm / 10,6dbm

    ERRORS (24 hours):
    ES: 1482
    SES: 440
    FEC: 95884
    CV: 378 (could anyone explain me please for what does it stand)
    LPR: 0
    UAS: 797
    Failed initializations: 12

    Btw i exactly know the used frequencys:
    25 kHz - 138 kHz UPLOAD
    138 kHz - 3.75 MHz DOWNLOAD
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