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Thread: Bitlocker Drive Encryption

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    Unhappy Bitlocker Drive Encryption

    Hello SpeedGuide Forum

    i have a 500GB Hard Drive that i encrypted with Bitlocker it got stuck at 80.3% it makes bad sounds when i plug in the Power Cable and Serial ATA Cable.
    i left my pc to encrypt the hard drive on friday or Thursday Evening. my hard drive freezes the computer at BIOS boot up it does not get past the screen. it was getting past BIOS but i want to get it working so i can hopefully get it to continue the encryption process on windows 7. i am currently using Windows TEN insider preview Build 15063 64bit i did the encryption with Build 17074. my other drives are 100% Encrypted i had a power cut on the other drives but they continued encrypting to 100% just one drive is Causing problems. there are professionals in Cape town known as SouthBit they open hard drives and fix Drives.

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    A hard drive making sounds it not a good thing. I'm guessing you have an older spindle type (rotating) SATA drive, not a newer solid state (SSD). If there is data that you need, advise talking to a data recovery specialist. If this hard drive was just being used for a fresh install, or a computer without any valuable data, advise discarding the drive and using a new drive in this computer. Disk encryption put a bit more workload on a hard drive, so any drive that it well worn and not in optimal condition...highly advice you wipe and discard any drive showing any sign of failure. Especially noises.

    You don't "fix" failing hard drives, at the most you try to recover any important data on them...and then discard them.
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