I was helping someone today and I did a cleanup on Windows 10. After this, when it booted back to normal mode it had the following weird symptoms. If I click on the Start Menu icon or press the Windows Key on the keyboard, nothing happens. If I try to type in the search box, it does not type. I cannot right-click any icons in the taskbar (left hand side) to "Unpin from Taskbar" or do anything else on that menu. If I right-click on the Start Menu icon, I DO get the normal menu there. I tried a System Restore but that was unsuccessful. I Googled repairing the Start Menu, it said to launch "sfc /scannow" in Powershell. Since I could not access Powershell by typing the command into the Search Box, I did this from Task Manager. It opened, but would not let me run the sfc unless I had an elevated Powershell (which normally I type it in the Search Box and when the result comes up I right-click and say "run as administator"). I cannot do that from inside Task Manager and was unable to run Powershell as Administrator.

Any help of fixing these issues would be appreciated.