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Thread: TCP Optimizer needs new version since v1709 Windows Update [updated]

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    @Philip In this thread I posted the batch file, maybe thats because he writes here.

    @Ailurus If you have RAM overclock set it to default and/or reduce RAM cache-that could be a reason. If you dont have page file set it to at least 300mb. You can reduce the size of the Dump File to small memory dump or Kernel Memory Dump (System Properties>Advanced>StartUp and Recovery). Type "MdSched" in search or RUN or just "mem" in search and run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. Be patient, it takes time to complete. Also update your drivers.
    Im not sure its from my batch. i have to check. Maybe you did changes before apply the PERFORMANCE_BOOSTER and something happens after that...just guessing here.

    ps. Maybe I'll change my mind later, idk but I honestly dont want to make a thread about PERFORMANCE_BOOSTER. i post it here because the people here are interested in the topic.

    This is link to my other thread:
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