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Thread: TCP Optimizer needs new version since v1709 Windows Update [updated]

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    first thing i want to say is thank you n1ko for fixing my hit reg for csgo and lag problems in LoL

    your PERFORMANCE_BOOSTER_v2.0 bat helped me out a lot, although I have problems with the services part which made my desktop freeze every 2 minutes ( tested each part 1 by 1 on windows 10 pro on a fresh install pc )

    Disabling RSS helped my lessen cpu ( i5 3570k ) strain for csgo which helped my performance a lot

    here are my bonus tweaks that helped me out as well

    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsRuntime\ActivatableClassId\Windows.Gaming.Game Bar.PresenceServer.Internal.PresenceWriter
    ActivationType 1 -> 0 ... you need to change security permissions in order to change the value, this will disable game bar presence writer ( windows 10 xbox thing ) which caused stutters in my gameplay

    another one is disabing power throttling in gpedit Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Power Throttling Settings
    this didnt disable core parking (even with both min/max values at 0 windows 10) which is weird but I did get overall better performance
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