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Thread: TCP Optimizer needs new version since v1709 Windows Update

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    Sadly i dont see nothing about BF4

    ps Nice post
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    CS GO is a constant work in progress!!!!!

    I was so happy with my hitreg for days, just to loose it completely out of nowhere!!!
    It took me a day or two to figure out that something is wrong, and to start digging again.
    As always, I checked and rechecked everything, reinstalled the most important drivers, but nothing helped....

    After the main culprits were eliminated I went to check all the small but very very important tweaks.... and as it turns out, I was right.
    For no apparent reason, my CSGO app settings were somehow changed!! Maybe CSGO upgraded and win10 immediately changed them ... IDK.
    Anyway, if you realise that something is wrong, and specially if you notice that your mouse pointer on screen moves (just a pixel or two) when it shouldnt,
    check app (CSGO main app, or any other game main - launch app) for the following:

    - go to your launch app folder. In my case, for CSGO it is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive

    - righ click on CSGO.exe app
    - UNTICK (UNCHECK) :Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by :APPLICATION/SYSTEM/SYSTEM (ENHANCED)
    - TICK (CHECK) : Disable full-screen optimisations

    You might have to CLICK on: Change settings for all users to enable this checkboxes to be ticked/unticked.

    As I wrote above, win10 decided to change this settings for me!! Probably after CSGO update ?!?

    SO after doing this, I have my hitreg back to 85-90 %.
    I will test further what difference does it make if you TICK (CHECK) : Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by :APPLICATION/SYSTEM/SYSTEM (ENHANCED)
    and select APPLICATION , as the comments on the net are divided on this subject.

    Please post you settings for this little win10 annoyance.

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    if i need more performance(fps) that values of netsh interface could give me more performance
    Processor: g4560
    Inet dw 11 mbs/ upload 3mbs

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    If this is a question,No.These wont give you more FPS.

    ps. netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled Doesnt work in Windows Pro v1803. Its considered as depricated. Im on WinPro for Workstations but im sure its the new version and not the Workstation Windows.
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    Im currently on Windows 10 pro for workstations and many comands just dont work here. I think its from the Workstation variant not v1803.

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    Guys, Try these DNS addresses. and Use DNS Bench to see if they are the best for your connection. Youse the top 4 DNS's.

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    6 and are Cloudflare DNS. The problem with those is they used to be Chinese IPs, and some ISPs are still blocking the entire 1.0.0./8 range.

    There is a list of alternate DNS servers with some info on the main page here:

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    IDK about chinese Ips. They say they are snapier in therms of page loading depending where you live and add a security lair by deleting your ip and other personal data from the sites you're visitting.Google & other servers dont offer that. DNS Bench will determine the best DNS for every person individually. My ISP DNS servers were way better than others like google ones but now they started to loose performance a little bit so the default Obtain DNS servers Automatically isnt the best setting for all. i use the first 4 .

    ps. Dont botgher typing them. Just right click on top of them & copy.

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    what improve this of process lasso? ProcessLasso_reg_file

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    As I wrote this is just in case the apps dont run. If apps run fine with no issues you dont need it.
    It runs fine on my Windows but im not sure for everyone so I decided to add it.

    ps. For Windows Server 2016 in vistammsc.exe 0 is = to 10.
    This key contains a REG_DWORD value named SystemResponsiveness that determines the percentage of CPU resources that should be guaranteed to low-priority tasks. For example, if this value is 20, then 20% of CPU resources are reserved for low-priority tasks. Note that values that are not evenly divisible by 10 are rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10. A value of 0 is also treated as 10.
    Im not sure if thats the case in Windows 10. As I read it the lowest are 2 and 5 but Im might be wrong.

    BTW Im testing a new Power Plan. Its based on the regular High Performance Power Plan but I removed many of the powersave features and it works like the old processors- on 100% all the time so the fast response you can have on your CPU. Of course it should be used only for gaming and heavy workloads and switched back to ballance or Powersave after that.
    Also on Something between Power Save and Ballanced Power Plan. It uses less resources. I dont like Power Save. Sometimes its too slow. Its ideal for internet browsing , movies, youtube with many tabs and windows in the background.
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