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Thread: Internet connection speed

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    Cool Internet connection speed

    I just need to know what the signal speed refers to when I check the status of my network. When I see the signal speed is this referring to my internet connection speed or the speed of the connection from my wireless adapter to my router?

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    For a "signal", it depends what type of equipment you are refering to... For example, your Cable modem "signal" levels are one thing, the Wireless "signal" level is another, DSL lines have a third type of signal/attenuation level.

    The "speed" is a different measurement, it is usually the transfer rate of your internet connection, measured in Megabits per second.

    I am guessing that "Signal speed" for certain type of modem (i.e. DSL/Cable) may refer to the maximum attainable speed, based on the current line condition, or what speed the modem has synchronized with the head end at, not necessarily real-life transfer speeds.

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