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Thread: How to Deploy a server?

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    How to Deploy a server?


    NOTE - This question is for coursework, personal projects and learning

    I'm building a network and on my network I need multiple different servers.
    I want to have 1 server per 1 device (I know its not necessary, but I want it that way to keep my life simple until I understand things in greater depth).

    I've done researching and learnt I can use Windows Server 2016 standard to configure a DHCP server. But my issue is what device can I 'deploy' my server on to start configuring it? Please could someone give me an example device I can deploy a DHCP server on.

    Honestly, if you have no idea what you're doing when it comes to servers, what the names of devices are etc., costing 1 server is literally impossible. My friend and I have spent 6 days googling around and got nowhere!!!

    I plan to use Windows Server 2016 Standard to build my DNS, DC and DHCP servers and hence need 3 (presumably of the same device) to deploy my 3 servers!


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    Take a computer with a good CPU and lots of RAM and disk space and a few network cards, and use a hyper-visor. 1x device to run your lab of lots of servers and workstations and multiple separated networks on.
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