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Thread: More Windows 10 Frustrations

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    More Windows 10 Frustrations

    So ever since the early days of Windows 10, I had found one way to stop the forced updates was to DISABLE the Windows Update Service in SERVICES. But now, on some computers that I have done this to, for other people, somehow that setting has been changed and various updates of Windows 10 have been applied. I am fairly certain these folks did not go into Services and change it themselves. What is going on? Also, I just setup a new Win 10 laptop and despite Disabling Windows Update Service, after removing several "Metro Apps" after every 2nd or 3rd reboot, Windows is attempting to reinstall these. Drawboard PDF, MSN News, Plex, Spotify. How can I stop this for good? Also, it seems with Windows 10 Update Service disabled, the computer will no longer do the Windows Defender update, even when launched from within the user interface. My blood is boiling over the incessant tinkering Microsoft is doing to Windows 10.
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