Hi all,

I am designing a Campus Area Network as part of a piece of homework.

I am a beginner in networking, and finding resources about specific is rather difficult.

I currently have planned to have a DMZ containing a proxy server (to access web browser through), a FTPS server, a web server, and a VoIP server. Then on the main network, I will also have a DNS Server, Print Server, DHCP Server, DFS File Server and a database server.

My question:

DNS Server, by my understanding, converts domain names into IP addresses and vice versa - similar to looking up in an address book. The Domain controller controls the user accounts for students etc. Therefore, do I also need a domain controller on my network, aswell as a DNS server?

Secondly, servers themselves. I have googled "How much does a DHCP server cost" so many times etc. and I can't seem to find a simple answer. I come the the conclusion its all one piece of software (Microsoft Server 2008 is what I've found) and you configure the software. So my next question from that; If I buy the disc for Microsoft Server 2008 to configure say, a DHCP server.. Do I then need to buy it again to configure the next server (a File server)? Or, can I use the disk to install the software again? I.e. is it a 1-time-buy for unlimited software installations? My second question to that, what is the "physical device" called on which I deploy my configured server, and presumably, I could buy 10 of them (one for each server)?

I'm aiming to have an all microsoft network.

I have asked in many places, and my question keeps being shut down as "too broad".... please can someone help me out here!