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Thread: помогите написать настройки под мой инте

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    помогите написать настройки под мой инте

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    то что имеется.
    mtu 1492
    mss 1452
    rx 4150
    tx 500

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    Why don't you use the TCP Optimizer, instead of writing the settings in the Windows Registry?

    If you must do the TCP Window by hand, here is the calculation below.
    Your MTU is 1492 (you seem to be using PPPoE DSL), so 1492 MTU - 40 bytes of TCP/IP headers = 1452 MSS.
    The maximum unscaled TCP Window value is 65535.
    65535/1452 = 45.1 ~45
    45 * 1452 MSS = 65340 RWIN = 0000FF3C

    I would use:

    You can even increase that with Tcp1323Opts (TCP Window scaling), but I wouldn't go lower than that. You can look for other settings in our tweaking articles here:

    I hope this helps

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