long story but please read, over the holiday weekend i wanted to get my folks off of vista and onto windows 7 because i know it way better that windows 10, old OS but i really like it.

after about 8 diferent installs and 3 different ISO's of windows 7 pro, DVD installs, USB installs, i kept getting the same basic weird issue on the last reboot during install phase.

i tried all sorts of different BIOS settings including setting the SSD to IDE/native mode, turning off power saving features in BIOS, ect.

after the last reboot, the screen would show up for about seconds and the an error message on monitor that said no connection or whatever and a black screen.

they have a 21" acer LCD monitor hooked up through DVI.

took PC home and tonight on a whim i turned it on hooked to a 17" CRT
through VGA and was greeted to the "creat your account" screen.

mobo is some gigabyte AMD am2 board, video is ati 4850, 4GB ram 500GB crucial SSD, quad core proc.

so what would be the issue, windows not having drivers for video card or monitor maybe, on the CRT it shows generic monitor right now because the driver for the CRT gateway montitor is not installed, as is expected IMO.

the resolution of the LCD is 1650 X whatever, i know when i install windows on my 24" LCD 1920 X 1200 it works until i install monitor drivers and change resolution later.

kinda of at a loss of what would be the issue here, so i ask the PC gurus