I started on NetZero and Freewwweb dial up but have been on broadband for several years now and I like it better but with net neutrality now possibly becoming a thing of the past, I'm going to refuse to get screwed over by Charter or anyone else. It's one of those moral things. I make money on selling and buying things online but I hate greedy corporations with a passion and I think I'd rather be poor and have dial up than let the greedy a***oles screw me over.

I'd have to pay for a phone land line (since I do not want cell phone technology in my life) to get dial up again, but it would be better than nothing, I think. As long as I could still access eBay and amazon, I can say to hell with youtube, tho I will miss it.
I also have an addiction to facebook and will miss that.
I feel the need to rebel against corporate greed which is trying to turn the USA into a coast to coast slum.