So when Windows 10 first came out, as I helped people, certain items in the Start Menu (be they on the right boxes, or the left, the list), we wanted to put shortcuts on the desktop. Windows 10 took away the ability to Right-Click then say "Send To Desktop". But there was an easy work-around. You could Right-Click and select "Openm File Location". When that opened in Windows Explorer (File Explorer ... whichever name you prefer), you could then Right-Click and choose "Send To Desktop".

Today I helped someone with a new HP Laptop with Windows 10 and in this version of 10, (I assume it is the latest version), when you Right-Click anything in the Start Menu (be it boxes on the right side or just entries on the list on the left, "Open File Location" is nowhere to be found. The THIEVES at Microsoft stole it. It is not here, not even under "MORE".

When Microsoft touted their "forced updates" they claimed it was to keep people safe on the latest security patches, etc. What a load of BULLS4IT!!!! If so, why are they constantly changing form and function, moving things around, changing how things work (or making them no longer work). This infuriates me beyond expression. Makes me want to go to their HQ and take out my anger physically upon all the programming staff and the management staff.

Has anyone else noticed this change? Does anyone know a way to alter this back, like a registry hack or something similar. On this particular case, there was, on both sides "GET OFFICE" the laptop already had Office and I wanted to remove this. Had I been able to OPEN FILE LOCATION I could have just deleted the offending entries. Even a search of the hard drive in Windows Explorer, for "Get Office" yielded no results.