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Thread: HP Printer WiFi & HPNA Interference

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    HP Printer WiFi & HPNA Interference

    I was helping someone with getting their wifi printer setup. This is an HP Deskjet. They are on AT&T Uverse and I knew from a prior case that the HPNA can interfere. So I turned off HPNA in their Gateway (Modem) and got the printer to appear on the network. But then it turned out this was keeping one of their TV's from working correctly. So AT&T turned HPNA back on.

    My first question is, if we leave HPNA on at the AT&T Gateway, but hang a separate third party WiFi Router off the Gateway (would probably set it up as a Wireless Access Point only), and had that new router handles all WiFi on the network, would this eliminate the interference that the HP Printer is seeing from the HPNA signal?

    Secondly, if the above is not true, what other configurations can you recommend?


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    Have you tried updating the printer firmware to make it work with HPNA? There is some info available here:

    Alternatively, you can try connecting it via Ethernet/USB?
    I doubt configuring another router as an wireless AP will change anything, as the printer would be on the same wifi network. Maybe it would work if you configure a router as a Wi-Fi client, and connect it via Ethernet to the printer... In other words, if the Wi-Fi on the printer is not used. Still, it's a cumbersome solution adding more possible points of failure in the future.

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    Actually, on the first case I had this problem I did do the firmware update for the printer and that still did not help. Then I got HP on the phone and they told me of this HPNA conflict. On that case, there were no issues with their TV, so we left HPNA off. But on this most recent, 2 of their TV's would not work right with HPNA disabled.

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