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Thread: Tenda D305 vs SpeedTouch 585 v6 ( Need Help )

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    Question Tenda D305 vs SpeedTouch 585 v6 ( Need Help )

    hello all,
    i have SpeedTouch 585v6 broadband router and i was on 2 mb speed but when i changed my line to ADSL2+ ( 8 mb speed ) the router making restart every 2 days and the wifi range is not good in the whole home

    What about if i bought Tenda D305 router , does it good router or not ?

    will i feel a change between Tanda and Speedtouch ? in the speed , wifi coverage ??

    Thanks, and sorry for my english

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    The Internet speed will be similar, you may see an improvement in the Wi-Fi range because of the multiple antennas/MIMO, but it will not be that great. If you want good Wi-Fi coverage, you'd have to find one of the new 802.11ac dual-band devices.

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