I was helping someone last week with some upgrades. Windows 7 Home Premium. I uninstalled Office 2010. Then I upgraded his Adobe Reader from 10.1.x to 11.0.19. This is a work computer and they have not authorized higher Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader DC. Then I installed Office 2013. Now I cannot get Windows to keep the setting of Adobe Reader as the Default. If I go into DEFAULT PROGRAMS then SET YOUR DEFAULT PROGRAMS Adobe Reader does not show on the list (but this is true on my own Win7). If I go ASSOCIATE A FILE TYPE and scroll down to PDF it says ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT in the DESCRIPTION but in CURRENT DEFAULT it says UNKNOWN APPLICATION. I tried uninstalling Adobe Reader and reinstalling, same thing. Also, if I go to a PDF file (on the desktop for example) and R-Click, choose OPEN WITH, then CHOOSE DEFAULT PROGRAM and select ADOBE READER and have the check box for ALWAYS USE THE SELECTED PROGRAM checked, it still does not correct this entry. By the way, at this step, the check mark is selected and grayed out. This is causing a problem when he wants to view PDFs from Outlook or other programs he uses, such as SMART STATION (hes a stock broker, this app is for his work).

Can anyone please help? Is there some way to force this in the registry? Right now, if he tried to open a PDF from one of these programs, he gets prompted to select a program to open the file with. A work around, but not ideal situation.