I am a resident of Delhi

I am having a postpaid plan of 40GB/Month of MTS Dongle for which I am paying Rs1179 as monthly rental

My billing cycle is 15th day of month ie from 15th October to 15th November I need to pay Rs1179 as rental for 40GB of data

Now my problem is I need this message that

Please upgrade to our high speed 4g data services or opt to port to network of choice . CDMA services will be shutdown at 23:59 hrs of 30 Nov 17. Rcom

These are my queries

1. As I mentioned my billing cycle is 15th (Grace period without penalty is up to 3rd of next month ie December 3rd) so if this time I donít pay my bill what will happen?? Also how they adjust that 15 days period with me as from 16th November to 30th November???

2. Suggest me any plan of any ISP which is almost same like the above mentioned one

3. I think of going for den boomband or excitel are they good enough they are giving almost same in Rs 800 itís a broadband connection not a dongle or Hotspot

4. Also Airtel hotspot or jio hotspot

5. I also think that postpaid plans are better

Any expert person please suggest me

Marketing guys please excuse me !!!!