Help, I just switched ISPís and now I donít seem to be able to use any DNS servers other than the ones the new ISP provides and I also noted that when I run I get a different address than what is shown in my router settings. I am using the ISPís cable modem that I have set to bridge mode. When I run whatismyip I get but when I view my routers wan status page I see 100.6x.xx.x as my ip address.

I am in Brazil and my former ISP was the local telecom using ADSL, now I am using the local cable company and they are providing the combination modem, router, WiFi and phone device. I wanted to use my own router so I set the device to bridge mode.

Can anyone help me understand what might be causing me to get different IP address and what might be blocking my ability to change DNS servers?

If you need more information please let me know.

PS. I am not using a proxy server.