There has been a lot of talk in the past couple of years on "Low Earth Orbit Satellites" (LEOs). The technology is there, they'd provide fast (100Mbps?) low latency (~30ms) broadband internet connections available worldwide.
The FCC has granted a license to OneWeb to build/launch 900 satellites, and they are now ramping up production.
OneWeb has a production line in France, and opening two more in a new location in Florida (Kennedy Space Center)

There is some competition, notably SpaceX is in the process of getting licenses from the FCC for their own fleet of 4000+ LEOs... According to the FCC there are a couple of other licenses under review as well.

Intelsat tried to merge with OneWeb earlier this year, but the deal fell through apparently. OneWeb is backed by SoftBank, and has partnered with some heavy-hitters in key industries like Airbus, Qualcomm, Virgin Group, etc. Seems like the actual service from OneWeb is on track to be available in just a couple of years.

I think given enough satellites/bandwidth/competition, that technology could have a huge global impact on the Internet as a whole, especially for end users. Just imagine having 100Mbps low latency Internet connection available to you anywhere in the world for a price comparable to your current internet connection... Granted, there is the limitation that it would need some type of antenna, but still.. It is nothing compared to the headache of digging a trench to lay cable to every single customer.

What do you guys think? I believe it's the next big thing, it can actually provide worldwide coverage at competitive prices affordable to an average consumer.