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Thread: how to stealth port no. 513, and 514 in my router

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    Hi, Philips thanks for the reply. But the exceptions are given in the settings of the avast program. I also accept the remedy by you, But change to google dns , pose a new problem of giving access to the router by the google dns to unknown servers. Changing to open dns also has the same problem. since those servers are having filters , they could just hide the server hijacks.
    As one come to this site to improve my knowledge about the routers, i am continuing this thread.
    Your words
    If your DNS servers hijack certain results, Please say something more, on why?

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    There are multiple reasons that some DNS servers change results, it could be any of the following:
    - to protect you from sites that are deemed malicious (like Google, for example)
    - to show you ads for non-existing domains (some ISPs do that, they show you their own results instead of the browser error page)
    - to track your browsing (by your ISP) for their internal reasons, to improve transparent proxies cache, to sell your data, whatever.

    In addition, there is a type of DNS hijacking by malicious software that has infected your computer and redirects some of your browsing.

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