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Thread: Move OE to Gmail

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    Move OE to Gmail

    The guy across the street changed ISPs and uses Outlook Express. The old ISP Co. disabled his account. He wants to copy his email, address book, etc. from OE on the hard drive to Gmail but OE no longer sends or receives.

    How do I import the main OE file (there must be one .CVS?) into Gmail?

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    The easiest way would be as follows:

    1) Setup Gmail as an IMAP account inside Outlook Express.

    2) Copy all email from his old account to the Gmail folder (You can use CTCL+A, or SHIFT+mouseclick to select multiple emails)

    That way he can even continue using his OE contacts and the software itself if he wants to. I hope this helps.. Not sure if there is a way to convert OE contacts to Google Contacts, haven't touched OE in years.

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