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Thread: Best place to put a switch?

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    Best place to put a switch?

    I am not so sure where to put my switch. I have a TP-Link TL-SG108E V2. It is currently connected to my Fiber ONT, but I would like to connect to it via my router and phone, and also use my OpenDNS filtering on it. Would it be a problem to put it on my router? My router is a ASUS RT-AC68R hopefully to be upgraded soon due to cancelling cable TV and streaming everything.



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    Connecting it to the ONT is a bad idea.
    You want the Wan on your router to be connected tot he ONT so the firewall can do its job. Connect 1 patch cable form the LAN side of the router to the switch and connect all your devices to the switch. As far as using OpenDNS, that would be configured in your router to hand out their IP's for your DHCP spoke. Not on the switch.

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    It depends where you need the extra ports. Usually, the setup is:

    Internet/WAN --> ONT/Modem --> Router --> Switch --> LAN

    That way, any devices connected to the switch can take advantage of the NAT router protection and can be visible to each other on the same network.

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