Passing along some sad news, those of you from the old days of Speedguide surely remember Patrick K...aka J.C.O.S.

A few of us have followed his journey via Facebook, he had been diagnosed with cancer a while back. He and his wife had been posting regular updates along his battle. For the past several days or more...I had noticed the posts stopped. This morning I made a post on his FB page inquiring, as I saw a few other concerned folks posting this morning. Sadly just a few minutes ago, I saw a new post on his wifes FB page.

I fondly remember back in the old days of the Speedguide forums....JCOS was one of the heavy posters his job at that time had him traveling all over the US and he spent so much time on the road, and our forums gave him a place to hang out at night to keep occupied. times we'd often have spamming competitions...the posts were so rapid and frequent.