Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has a good suggestion for a quick way like a DVD or USB drive with some bootable system or recovery tool that can be used to get onto a computer and quickly diagnose if a hard drive is accessible etc. I remember years ago playing with something called Knoppix (linux based bootable DVD), I believe that would allow them to see their drives and copy files onto a USB drive (assuming their hard drive isn't totally dead).

My parents are asking for help troubleshooting if their PC, just wondering if something quick and easy exists to look at this kind of problem. I'm advising against trying to re-install windows because there are a few files on C drive that they'd like to keep since their last backup that will get deleted in the format process.

These days, I re-install windows and things of this nature so infrequently it'd be helpful to see what others do to solve this problem.

Assuming we can copy any files, I have no issues re-installing windows from scratch after that.