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Thread: How to burn music CDs from online sources?

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    How to burn music CDs from online sources?

    I was using aPowersoft streaming audio recorder in evaluation mode for a while and recorded many CDs from youtube videos that I converted into MP3. Then it stopped working and their tech support could not get it working again. Then I was told if I bought their software for $79.95 for a lifetime license, they could get it to work for me so I did but they could not get it to working for me again so I asked for a refund.

    Can you tell me if iTunes or amazon have a thing for about $10 a month that I can DL and burn music to my own CDs with?

    I had many saved albums to MP3 in my Windows Media Player but they refused to burn to CD so I had to delete them.

    BTW, I run a Dell PC with Windows 7.

    Thank you.

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    usenet dude, google it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    usenet dude, google it
    OK thanks. I tried amazon for free, it's nothing I like very much. It's $10 a month but youu have to buy any music yo download.
    No surprise there I guess.

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    Online sources, as in, streaming audio?

    You'd need some software to record the streaming audio first... If you are looking to record a popular source (Youtube) there may be a number of websites that offer streaming-to-mp3 conversion free.
    For any streaming source, you can also use any sound recorder software on your PC, one of the most widely used free ones being "Audacity" -->
    There is a bit of a learning curve to it, however, you can't beat the price and functionality IMHO. May be a bit much for simple recording needs, I don't know.

    Once you have them recorded on your machine, it should be an easy task to burn them to a CD as well, even Windows Media Player can do it.

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