I live in a duplex. The owners live in the adjoining portion. Several months ago we were chatting and they said that they had put a splitter on the IPS wiring at their parent's duplex when they lived next to them, thereby avoiding a charge from the ISP. I just came home from a trip and noticed electricity had gone out for 15 minutes. I then started having trouble streaming and noticed a new unsecured SSID on the list of available connections. It has one of my neighbor's name. I also noticed that my laptop which sits on a comman wall wants to jump to that SSID. I asked them if they had wired into my connection. They denied it. Should I be concerned about the security of my network? I change the password monthly and renamed the SSID. Know I could call service company to figure it out but hate to get them in trouble. Any tips on how to tell if they wired in?