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Thread: Not getting full effect out of my 1gig internet speed

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    Not getting full effect out of my 1gig internet speed

    I have google fiber that claims 1000mbps internet speed.

    My speed test says I can download at ~40mbps, but I can only ever download at about 5-8mbps. I have some sort of bottleneck that is not allowing me to download any faster than that.

    However, I don't care to fix that because that speed is still blazing fast. I'm wondering if I downgrade to a 500 mbps internet speed, will I still be getting relatively the same amount of download speed?

    I don't want to pay for more than I am currently using. I'd rather just downgrade instead of fixing the problem, because to fix the problem would probably require me to move my computer downstairs to where the router is and connect a direct ethernet cable into it so it doesn't bottleneck.


    How many mbs are you capable of downloading per second at 100, 300, 500, and 1000 internet provider speed? (rough estimate is fine) I need this for reference.

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    To answer your main question, if you downgrade to 500 Mbps you will still get the same speeds (at least) that you are seeing.

    There are few websites/services out there that can provide the full 1000Mbps speed to multiple clients at the same time, so you will only see the difference with multiple clients on your end streaming ultra-HD videos simultaneously, etc.

    From what you've described, I guess you are running an older wireless router and your client is quite a distance from the modem/router. This is likely your bottleneck, to improve speed I'd look into either changing to Ethernet cable, or changing your router to the newer 802.11ac standard (maybe your wireless NIC in your PC as well).

    The internet provider speed is usually "up to" that tier, so it will vary depending on load at the moment. With residential ISPs, it is somewhat common for the speed to suffer at peak times (between 5PM and midnight), but it varies with location/ISP/technology, etc. It should never drop less than let's say half the advertised speed though.

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