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    Router Advice

    I'm currently running a 4 year old Netgear R6300v2 router in my 2000sqft home. The router is sitting in an enclosed shelf at the top of my entertainment center in the middle of the house. I've noticed some speed issues in certain areas of my house, which didn't bother me until recently. I have a ring door bell and a ring stick up cam (the cam I purchased couple days ago). With the ring doorbell, its roughly 10ft from the router (front door is in plain sight of the living room) and running it on the 2.5ghz band (perhaps I should use the 5ghz band?). The stick up cam is outside above my garage and has several walls in-between and I was having connection issues. I contacted Ring and they advised using an extender, which I put a D-Link (DAP 1525) in my garage. The way I set-up the D-Link is I used the same network ID's and password as the R6300 so I wouldn't have to enter passwords each time. Now the cam does connect to my network now on the 2.5ghz band (doesn't use 5ghz) but the streaming is just really slow and viewing live feed sometimes is just distorted.

    I have 20 or so devices in my home and can say the majority of them are on the 2.5ghz band (tablets, phones, pc's, tv's, consoles, etc) due to the distance the stationary devices are from the router. Am I better off just upgrading my router? If not....any advice on how I can fix this is appreciated.

    Couple routers I looked into:
    *Netgear Nighthawk X6
    *Netgear Nighthawk X8

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    I would not run an extender - problem being that they extend all client's traffic introducing a lot of noise, and, they half the wireless speed by design (using the same radio to send-receive data).

    If the camera supports 5GHz, and is in range, definitely use that - the GHz band has better bandwidth, and a lot less interference. The only problem is slightly lower wall penetration/range.

    If you must upgrade the router/hardware, you have several options.
    First, you can install a second router configured as an access point (gets internet via Cat5 Ethernet cable, then serves client wirelessly). That setup does not suffer from the extender issues.
    Another option is to get a mesh wireless system, the Linksys Velop is great (still better with wired backhaul vs. wireless).
    The third option (buying another 802.11ac router) may not give you much benefit, since you are not upgrading the technology, just eventually the antennas.

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