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Thread: My Little Brother is Missing

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    My Little Brother is Missing

    I havent posted in years.. not sure if anyone remembers me but I was hoping the community could help me spread the word. My brother was swept away at kern river last thursday and we have been searching for him night and day since then .. We have a dedicated search party with constant flow of people coming to help while others leave so that we always have people here. I started a gofundme to help alleviate all the cost of running a fulltime search party. If you could please repost this on your face book or anywhere else where it will be seen I would be forever grateful. This is a nightmare for us all and we just want to find him however that may be.

    Thank You

    Christian Ramirez

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    Unfortunately he passed away. it was in the news here in So Cal.

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    I'm so sorry.
    People will forget what you said... and people will forget what you did... but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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    I'm also sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies!

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