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Don't feel alone. My Dad fell for the same thing but fortunately he didn't give out any information. There was a popup window with a phone number to "Microsoft" and he called it. Thank God no one picked it up. Regardless, I had him change out several things like CC number etc.

One thing I found with my dad and I think it may be the same with almost anyone else... they feel they need a CC for every singular purposes. I remember after my mother died. We were talking and he was going through his wallet. He must have had a gas CC for every service station under the sun. Several department store CCs etc. Nowadays, pick you favorite, Visa, MC or just about anything else and everyone takes one. I was able to convince him to trim it down to at least a couple. If you ever lose you wallet it's a whole lot easier to make one call rather than 13.
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Thats a good point Easto. I think its best to have 1 or 2 where the rewards benefit you the most. Points for cash back, discount on gas, or whatever you can make the most of.
Good advice, Easto & Yardo.