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Thread: Met anyone famous?

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    Met anyone famous?

    Came up at the brewery tonight.

    Me, no.
    All I got is having seen the Pope when I was 13.

    A friend of mine said he'd never met anyone famous.
    A minute later he said, "Well, I did play chess with Bobby Fischer."

    Turns out he also met JFK, Charlton Heston, and Paul Newman.

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    It depends on your definition of "met" I suppose... As in talk to them, see them, shake hands, or go to a rally/meeting/concert ?

    I met with Miss Playboy Playmate of the Year once, that must count for something Other than that, Ken Hensley from Uriah Heep, lady Gaga.. I know a couple of Olympic Gold medalists in shooting, if that counts.

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    I've met a few famous people mostly NHL hockey players some of them I've had beers n coffee with over the years.
    A Few musicians {My uncle was a successful musician in a Rock band)

    sat next to this guy in school
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    before he was famous. I drew cartoons with him and was my LD running nemesis. I never see him or talk to him

    Honestly to hang out with famous people is awkward, It's just too much of a gap socially and financially. Really sucks when your kid comes home from a sleepover and wants all the amenities of the rich and famous. I feel like I'm a visitor in their world and when they come over I feel like they would rather be somewhere better lol.

    I have one friend who I've known for about 10 years and her son is a very successful NHL player and it's not awkward at all because I've known and worked with her prior to all the success. Great people great family who we share great stories with occasionally.

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

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    I guess the Hartford Whalers count, met a few of them before their last season before the team moved. I was 15-16 then and they were jerks.

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    I used to work for a company owned by a not so awesome former celebrity who mingled with other lower tier celebrities and therefore I've met a few just by being called up to the big bosses office to help with a tech issue here and there. It would often be something as simple as helping a certain up and coming pop music celeb connect to our wifi from their laptop while they were in a meeting with the boss. Usually my immediate boss would be the one to go help the chief & guests, but sometimes when he wasn't available I would be the guy.

    I got to meet the Hulkster & family this way when I had to run chkdsk to temporarily revive his non-booting laptop once and then advised him to back up his data because his drive was on its way out. I bumped into him again months later at one of our events when he was directed to our war room to print something out. I was responsible for setting up and managing the war room for our 3 day events so when he came in to print something he remembered me from fixing his laptop and thanked me profusely. He said he had his son help him copy all his pictures & personal data folders to external USB just like I showed him to do and then when he shut it down, the drive wouldn't boot and they heard the click of death but they got everything he needed before it crashed so he was very grateful. He was so excited to get to thank me, he offered to compensate me in cash but I refused, shook his hand, gave him my business card and told him to enjoy the event. Later that night just before I was able to lockup the war room at 10pm, a cart of food came rolling in all fancy like and they called out my name and said the food was for me. They lifted the heat covers away and a nice steamy lobster tail and filet with broccoli and a baked potato were beautifully laid out. There was a small folded note that just read.. "We still have most our kids baby pictures because of you so the least we can do is feed you this weekend. - Terry & Linda". The following morning there was a small fruit, cheese, and croissant tray rolling into the war room within an hour of me getting there and it had a lunch voucher for one of the fancier restaurants in the hotel on it, so basically I got 3 nice free meals for helping Hulk. This was right before him and the family got into reality TV.
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    I met Joe Walsh backstage at the Whisky back when he has his band Barnstorm. Stood in the hallway talking to him about their album for about 5 minutes. He then very kindly said he had a few things to take care of before their next set, shock my hand and said goodbye. Really nice guy.

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