I already have a very nice case, 1000W PSU and all the peripherals. My first priority is to use it as a workstation. I run Adobe Lightroom 4 and I'll be updating to a new version of Steinberg's Cubase sometime soon. What I really need help with is the CPU/Mobo combination. I'll be buying a 256gb SSD for the OS and primary software. Then another 500gb ssd for storage then a remote HDD for nightly backups. I have a HDD dockingstation so being able to connect to the Mobo with eSata would be a plus. I'm very interested in using the new M.2 technology as either a secondary drive or as a scratch drive when using Lightroom.

Gaming is not really a priority but I will eventually be getting a video card, but since I only run at 1080 I really don't need all that power.

I would be willing to spend up to $750 - $1000 for the CPU/Mobo combination.