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Thread: Need help with maybe an adapter or advice

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    Need help with maybe an adapter or advice

    My boss who owns rental homes has cable/coax internet..

    But she got a bunch of replacement routers so she wouldn't have to rent the modems anymore.

    But the routers only have Ethernet plug ins.

    Is there an adapter that will take the coax signal from wall outlet & on the other side would allow an Ethernet cord to then plug it into the router & therefore give the router an internet connection? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!

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    A cable modem uses coax on the WAN/Internet side, and Ethernet on the local network. Most routers have Ethernet on both the Internet/WAN side and the local network side, as you have already noticed.
    It is not a simple question of the type of cable, it depends what is connected on both ends of that cable.. A modem is designed to interpret the signal from the cable company, before it converted into local traffic to be used on the local network. A simple router that doesn't have a built-in modem can't do that, hence it doesn't have/need a coaxial connector.

    If the rental properties are connected together with direct coaxial cable, and you would like to use that coaxial cable for a local network, there are "MoCa" devices you can use to accomplish that. Those MoCa devices can connect to the routers and establish a local network connection using coaxial cables. They would still have to be connected to a cable modem in one of the locations to be able to use the Internet, and the setup may be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with networking.

    Your post doesn't give enough information:

    1. Are you trying to get all properties to use one internet connection ?
    2. Are they close together ?
    3. Why not use wireless ?
    4. Where are those coaxial cables connected, is there a direct cable run from those rental properties to the main location where the cable modem is ?
    5. How many locations do you need to connect, is the coax cable to be used only for network, or also for TV signal ?

    The MoCA adapters are not very cheap, they cost about $70 each, as much as some routers and cable modems:

    Also, if you get a cable modem for each location you are keeping their network (and bandwidth/speed) separate, not lumping them all together into one network, there may be speed concerns, as well as security issues like file sharing, malware, etc.

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