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Thread: TCP Optimizer feature request

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    TCP Optimizer feature request

    Add a custom TCP/IP Patch creator, so it'll be easier to TCP/IP optimize another computer of the same OS.

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    In the TCP Optimizer "File" menu, you can import/export the Optimizer settings. Just "export" on one computer and "import" them in the Optimizer on the others. You can put it on an USB key, or even on a shared network drive if you prefer, just make sure to run it as administrator.

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    There are other problems with that though, I don't physically live next to my online foreign friend, we don't use the same windows version and his native language is not English. It took only a few non-English foreign gamer friends online who believe me, have adequate English and surrendered to my insistence of helping them optimize their end of the internet connection, because they used to lag the private servers we join in together, to successfully optimize their TCP/IP settings. The "Optimal" bubble in TCP Optimizer isn't thorough for gaming and everyone, especially those with a bad physical location.
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    You are right, I suppose. Here is a bit of trivia, you can start the TCP Optimizer locally on your machine with a command-line switch to emulate the different OSes, and prepare the settings you'd like for them. To do that, create a shortcut to the Optimizer, and edit the start command to include one of the bellow switches, as in "TCPOptimizer.exe 12", for example.

    1 Windows32s:
    2 Windows95:
    3 Windows95OSR2:
    4 Windows98:
    5 Windows98SE:
    6 WindowsMillennium:
    7 WindowsNT351:
    8 WindowsNT40:
    9 WindowsNT40Server:
    10 Windows2000:
    11 WindowsXP:
    12 WindowsXPProfessionalx64
    13 WindowsHomeServer:
    14 WindowsServer2003:
    15 WindowsServer2003R2:
    16 WindowsVista:
    17 WindowsServer2008:
    18 WindowsServer2008R2:
    19 Windows7:
    20 Windows8:
    21 WindowsServer2012:
    22 Windows81:
    23 WindowsServer2012R2:
    24 Windows10:
    25 WindowsServer10:

    Once you set the optimal/custom setting, you can then save a file for them to use. Does that help?

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    Yeah, it works, thanks. I got questions about certain Windows7 settings that aren't listed and explained in the TCP Optimizer 4 Documentation. What are the pros and cons of enabling SynAttackProtect and a higher and lower TcpMaxDataRetransmissions value ? And does setting the connection speed slider have any effect when Optimal Setting is not ticked? Would an imported Optimizer settings with "Modify All Network Adapters" ticked modify all network adapters of another computer with its network adapters different from the computer's where the said Optimizer Settings was exported?

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    SynAttackProtect and TcpMaxDataRetransmissions are explained here: TcpMaxDataRetransmissions may be a bit high at 5.
    The connection speed slider only has some effect on the optimal settings, it you choose custom settings it does not have an effect.
    "Modify all network adapters" should work on another computer, however, it hasn't been tested much.

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    I read it, but I don't see how 5 is may be a bit high.
    I tested it twice on my own computer by reopening tcp optimizer and importing export.spg. The results were the same: "Modify All Network Adapters" is not ticked. A few other settings were changed but I fixed them by opening and modifying export.spg with notepad.

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