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Thread: 4g LTE tweaks

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    4g LTE tweaks

    I have searched and searched for answer but found none maybe I can find them here.

    First off I am forced to use a 4g LTE connection because I live in a rural area and its 4g or Satellite. I use my connection for school and gamming. SO satellite is no good for me. I have a Real unlimited Verizon 4g Account. My question is are there any tweaks I can do to my connection I have set my MTU to 1428 and used sg optimizer to optimize my connection with gamming options being used. It should be noted I am using Windows 10 Pro with a Verizon Mifi 7730L Jetpack. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Btw I found some info that states 4g connections prefer a RWIN of 128k but how do I manually set this in windows 10.

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    Welcome to SG.

    If you've already optimized your connection with the TCP Optimizer, you've done most of the work already. There is no way to set the RWIN value manually in Windows 10. You can only set how aggressively it is allocated by the "auto-tuning" algorithm, and the Optimizer already does that.

    You can look at some of the Gaming tweaks on the site to tune your wireless/network adapter locally:

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