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Thread: wifi boost

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    wifi boost

    hi all i am trying tto get wifi signal outside office where main router is to two houses less than 50 feet away have signal in both but its weak need this for streaming tv i am new here thanks for any and all help forkz

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    You may have to relocate the router if possible, the fewer obstacles there are the better.
    If the router is older, upgrading to a 802.11ac router usually works better.
    Ultimately, with longer distances it may be necessary to setup a wireless point-to-point bridge, however that requires some setup/knowledge/money.

    To start with the simpler solutions, I'd look into what can be improved about the current router as far as location/obstacles between it and the client.
    What are the models of the router/client, what speeds/standards do they support ?
    What speeds are you getting when close to the router, vs. when at the destination ?

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