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Thread: Help with Extremely Large Email

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    Help with Extremely Large Email

    I have someone I help out who is having a lot of problems with Outlook 2013. He uses it for his business and holds lots of email. The PST is about 41GB. Outlook is great and I use it myself. For most people that have even a couple thousand messages in their PST it seems to do fine. My own PST is about 315MB. But when it gets huge and they have tens of thousands of messages with PST's that are larger than 10GB it seems to me it really begins to bog down. Is there a better solution for his email than Outlook. One thing, he "needs" to retain the ability to "time delay" sending an email. He has a Mac all in one and has Outlook for Mac, but apparently that is a feature MS decided not to include in the Mac version. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks John

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    If you use the Outlook "Archive" feature splits the PST file, it can be set to auto-archive older emails so they do not bog down the main PST.
    You can also just copy the PST, then delete older/huge emails from the new PST and leave them in the old one.
    Your other option is to compact the pst file, but it wont save much space (File > Account Settings > Data Files > Settings > Advanced > Outlook Data File Settings > Compact Now).

    I hope this helps

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