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Thread: Stuck between BT and Claranet ISP

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    Stuck between BT and Claranet ISP

    FIbre came to my village a few years ago and I was one of the first to get connected to the box at the other end of the village, about 1800m away. I was on adsl at a box 500m away, and bt just linked me from one to the other, I'm now going through two boxes. All was great had speeds of about 17mb. My ISP is Claranet and they have been fine. Speeds are now down to 6mb. Have had two engineers out and they both say the far box is over subscribed and the only solution would be to be linked to the near box only, that now has fibre. There is actually nothing wrong with the line.
    Claranet have tried three different ways to get this moved, even suggesting a complete number and BB disconnect and re connect. They work through BT Wholesale, who have refused every time. Claranet now say there is nothing more they can now do as they just use the lines BT provide, not rent their own.
    Called BT as our line is with them and they say the line is showing no fault and any BBand issues should be directed through our ISP.
    Stuck, what can I do ?

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    If those Claranet techs were physically there and figured the problem, they should be able to disconnect you from the far box? You have to keep trying with either them or BT, don't let them close the case until you get it properly resolved I suppose? Sorry I can't be of more help, it's often a struggle to make ISPs even admit that there is some issue at their end.

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    I took the complaint to the ombudsman and the result is back that my ISP do not have to do anything to get the situation resolved. How ridiculous is that.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way for a customer to prompt BT to disconnect your line physically from any of their boxes and move you to another if the service is deemed "acceptable". The only grey area is what is considered "acceptable", and that is usually in their hands as well. I'd take another tack and complain about the line to BT without specifying broadband issues (I assume you have a voice line with them), ask politely if they'd move you to the newer fiber box. If they send a tech to your home, ask them what would be involved in moving you to the other box, it may not be physically feasible as I imagine it depends where your cable actually runs to.

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