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Thread: Lenovo Z50 70 unable to connect via ethernet

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    Lenovo Z50 70 unable to connect via ethernet

    Hi all.
    I can't get my Lenovo z50-70 to connect via Ethernet.
    I have tried three different cables.
    Things to note:
    - Ethernet is not mentioned in my 'network connections'
    - In device manager, under network adapters there are two bluetooth adapters and one wifi adapter but no ethernet adapter.
    - When I try to install drivers, the set-up says it does not find a cable.
    - I then checked in BIOS if ethernet is enabled/disabled but I cant find any settings regarding ethernet in BIOS.

    If you have any suggestions to fix this problem, please post them.

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    I believe it is a Realtek LAN adapter on these.. I would update the BIOS, and install the latest "Networking/LAN" driver for your machine from Lenovo:

    There should be no need for "cable" when installing the driver?

    The adapter should be visible in Device Manager, and the icon in the system tray. If it is not recognized, it either has the wrong driver installed for it, or it may be faulty hardware. If it is faulty, opening up the laptop may be required.

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