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Thread: New Lan card Cutting out after 30 mins

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    New Lan card Cutting out after 30 mins

    I have virgin media with a speed of 200mbps and want to use all of it so here is the problem

    I have a dell on826n (socket 775) motherboard which has a built in lan card which when I do a speed test it never gets over 100mbps

    so I installed a 10/100/1000mbit lan card and did a speed test and it went over 200mbps and all was well for about 30 min's then internet crashes and I have to unplug if from the installed card and replace it back into the motherboard to get my internet back

    Any ideas why this is happening any help would be gratefully received

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    Seems like a driver, or even hardware issue with your Network Adapter. I would try to change its' settings, I'd first disable "Power saving" features:

    Network/Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > right-click on Network Adapter > choose Properties > Configure

    You may also want to look through the Network adapter optimization article on the main site, disable any TCP offloads, LSO, other stuff that may be unnecessarily taxing the NIC, or that may cause buggy drivers to lock it.

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