On my all other PCs for last ~8 years I always played on external PCI network cards, they always worked better than integrated ones, even considering integrated worked 'just fine'.

But now I bought motherboard without PCI slots, so I had to buy new PCI-e network card. So I bought Intel 82574L CT Gigabit Desktop Network Adapter(PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10D3&SUBSYS_A01F8086&REV_00) to play video games. Integrated NIC on this new motherboard works just fine, but you can always do better than default or integrated.

Here's screens of technologies available to me in NIC's control panel:

I don't use any kinds of VPNs, routers, modems, etc. Cable goes directly into network commutator of ISP(I believe it's Cisco unless they changed it). If model will make a difference on settings, tell me and I'll get the exact model of the network commutator of ISP. My ISP using DHCP to configure network. I get dedicated dynamic(it's different every time I reconnect) white IP address, so I can setup a server on my PC.

Values of properties:
Adaptive Inter-Frame Spacing: Disabled
Flow Control: Rx & Tx Enabled
Gigabit Master Slave Mode: Auto Detect
Interrupt Moderation: Enabled
Interrupt Moderation Rate: Adaptive(other possible values: off, minimal, low, medium, high, extreme)
IPv4 Checksum Offload: Rx & Tx Enabled
Jumbo Packet: Disabled
Large Send Offload V2(IPv4): Enabled
Large Send Offload V2(IPv6): Enabled
Locally Administered Address: Not Present
Log Link State Event: Enabled
Maximum Number of RSS Queues: 2 Queues
Packet Priority & VLAN: Packet Priority & VLAN Enabled
Receiver Buffers: 256(minimum value is 80, max - 2048)
Receive Side Scaling: Enabled
Speed & Duplex: Auto Negotiation(works in 100 MB Full Duplex mode)
TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4): Rx & Tx Enabled
TCP Checksum Offload (IPv6): Rx & Tx Enabled
Transmit Buffers: 512(minimum value is 80, max - 2048)
UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4): Rx & Tx Enabled
UDP Checksum Offload (IPv6): Rx & Tx Enabled
Wait for Link: Auto Detect
And there are more properties in TCP Optimizer(and who knows how many more you can tweak in registry manually):

Screenshoted values above are defaults for all of the properties.

I tried to read descriptions about these technologies but unfortunately I am unable to set proper values for all of these properties. I don't know how to test those values and when I tweak all of them, sometimes it works faster than default, sometimes slower. I measure it by how fast I get confirmation of a kill in video games such as CS:GO or Insurgency. I also tried to read different guides on the internet and different people suggest to turn off or turn on the exact same properties of NIC, they also explain and both explanations make sense, so I am completely lost what values should I set for these properties.

It would be nice if there was some program to monitor packets and then by seeing how many packets there are, what are sizes of these packets, etc., one could determine proper settings for these properties.

Could someone help me to set proper values for these properties, guys? If you need any other info, don't hesitate to ask, I'll provide as many info as I can. If you know some articles and programs which can help me to determine proper values, please post them here.

Thanks in advance, gurus!