Hi all, idk if anyone remembers me, i used to post ages ago. Also sorry if this is the wrong forum.

Basically... i have a year old laptop, and i was rearranging things on my desk, and i set a 4 oz bottle of almond oil on the keyboard. Yess, i know on the scale of dumb to DUMB that was D.U.M.B.. i was literally coming back in 2 mins to put everything back on the desk after i wiped it. Then the phone rang, the dog barked, i checked instagram... 12 hrs later i went to move stuff back, and the bottle had tipped over and the ENTIRE contents poured into my keyboard. I mean there was barely anything to wipe up on top, it was all in the computer. I wiped the top, picked up the laptop, keeping it level, and there was a ton of oil underneath that i guess dripped straight through. I wiped all that up. It was on but sleeping, so i woke it up. It works fine, a few of the letter keys have to be pushed a little harder than usual, but other than that im not seeing any effects.

Obvious question: what now? Do i need to take it to a repair shop & have them clean it out? I'd like to avoid that if possible, but i will if i hzve to. Do i run it a lot to keep it warm & "dry" the oil out? Do something else i havent thought of?

Any advice appreciated.