I play a game called vindictus where a player acts as the host and other players connect to him. So your connection quality ingame is dependant on how good the host's upload is and how far away he is from you. everyone on the server is in Australia, and as a result almost everyone gets perfect connection to each other unless they have ISP issues or whatever. Connection quality is shown ingame rated as 1-5 bars, and the norm is 5 bars (no lag).

The issue I am having is that I get extremely bad connection quality (1 bar) to most the players in the game. For example, if there are 7 people connected to the host, I am usually the only one with 1 bar for no clear reason. The place i am staying at has business internet and the speed is usually at least 15 mbps up/down and is pretty fast for web browsing, videos, etc, I do get any random disconnections or pages failing to load. I am connected via an ethernet cable but do not have access to the router so I cannot reset it on demand/check the settings, etc. I do not have a firewall running. The weird thing is, I do not get 1 bar to everyone, just most people, and the issue can sometimes be resolved by reconnecting to the host (most of the time though, it does not work).

I am not 100% sure of how the game's network system is handled, but the fact that the host's distance/upload matters a lot leads me to believe it is peer to peer of some kind. If I go into windows resource monitor and look at the active network connections for the game, it never shows me the host's IP address, but it does give me several IP addresses that appear to be in western USA which is where I believe the game's servers are. I cannot ping the IP addresses listed in resource monitor, they always give 100% time outs, and nobody else can ping them either. Someone told me that they might be proxy servers to prevent the real servers from being easily DDosed.

Examples of the IP addresses that I have seen in resource monitor : Packet loss in resource monitor is always 0 and ping is usually 200-400 ms.

The fact that the host's IP address is not visible in resource monitor leads me to believe that traffic is routed via the game server first before it reaches the host. But the fact that I am one of the few players experiencing this suggests that the problem isnt on the game server's end.

Does anyone have any idea on how to begin trouble shooting a peer to peer issue like this? Ive tried asking on several tech forums, but nobody appears to have the slightest clue about peer to peer connections other than "update your drivers". The game's tech support is of no help either and is only giving me copy pasted advice like "update your video card drivers". I have already used TCP optimizer and set it to optimal settings, including disabling nagling.

Is there any program that can look at an active internet connection and tell me if there is active packet loss or anything that is affecting the connection?