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Thread: Question on two modems..

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    Question on two modems..

    I'm trying to get hardwire connected speed for downloads for my Xbox and laptop, however my modem is all the way upstairs and too far away to run an Ethernet cable. I also have a second modem not doing anything from my previous apartment. I was wondering if there was anyway I could hook up the free modem down here in the basement and use the internet I'm already paying for, if I can, what the procedure and consciences would be? And if not, what other alternatives there would be?

    Obviously I'm not super well versed so please be gentle...

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    Most residential ISPs (internet providers) allow only one modem to connect to their network. They usually have to "provision" the modem, or allow/authorize its' MAC address on their network. So, to answer your question no, you can't simply hook up another modem and have it work.

    If you can't reach the destination with a wired ethernet cable, the next best thing is setting up some type of wireless connection. There are many wireless routers/access points/client adapters that can work, you will need a wifi device on both ends. Usually people set up a wireless router next to their cable/DSL modem to serve many wireless client devices. Many client devices like your laptop and Xbox 360 already may have built-in wireless client adapters, so they can connect to a wifi network.

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