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Thread: Wired router only suggestion

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    Wired router only suggestion

    Hello all, first time poster, couple month lurker.

    Anyhow its time for a new router as my 2 year old asus 68u with merlin on it is power cycling whenever it feels like it. Usually at the most inopportune times. I did a clean install and even took it back to asus firmware and still get random reboots. For the last couple months I have been running a ubiquiti LR-AP for the wireless and turned the wireless off in the asus. I really like the LR-AP and have had zero problems with it. So now that I need a router I was thinking of just going with a wired router that has no wifi. But it seems most all of the reviews and info is for the new state of the art 64 antenna versions.
    I have all the stuff and skills needed to build a pfsense box and have been researching this but it looks like so much work to learn the 500 different things it can do, and some say you can do minimal things to it and just let it run. Plus i hear the throughput on them is pretty good.

    My system is cat6 everywhere, hp 24 port managed switch, currently on cox cable 150 down and going to 300 down next month (free upgrade) and about 6-12 months down the road we will be on google fiber. Biggest use is gaming, we usually have 2-3 people gaming and occasional movie streaming.

    Budget around $200-$250

    Not sure if I should be going after a used cisco or something like that or going forward with pfsense, any input would be great.

    Thank you guys/gals

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    There are ways to figure out what triggers the reboots on the Asus router by looking through the log.. It may not be the hardware, rather dependent on the firmware and settings. I've used one for a couple of years now and it's been rock-solid, haven't experienced a single reboot. The web interface had locked once, but SSH to it still worked and internet/WiFi was fine.

    As to your questions, if the Ubiquiti AP works for you, just keep using that for wireless. If you'd like ease of use, just get any decent router with gigabit ports and good brand name, and turn off the wireless on it. Recent variants have faster hardware, which comes into play with higher bandwidth and firewall/QoS settings load, it can stress the CPU/memory. Asus/Netgear are my personal preference, with D-Link/Linksys as a second choice. This option gives you some flexibility, as you can still use the Wireless on the router sometime in the future if you decide, for better coverage, guest wifi, or to distribute the wireless load between clients.

    If, otoh you have the time and will to customize a pfsense box and learn to use it, by all means, it is a great system. The appliances they sell will most likely run over your budget though, so you'd have to custom build and install everything. A thin-client / mini-pc may work well if the hardware is compatible, and you already have a switch (hopefully gigabit).

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