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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating the holiday tomorrow, read this.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating the holiday tomorrow, read this.

    Hello folks.. just dropping in to say Hi on my favorite important I.T. site.

    Just a few words that need to be said..

    I hope all of you have a great holiday tomorrow.. to those who know me.. life has been unbelievable good to me and my family.. and oh yes.. I'm very blessed. I bought a foreclosed house down here in South Carolina and my neighborhood was great for a few years, but a lot of people started moving out because of the bad crime (drug dealing). When I came home one day this past summer and I saw one young man beating another young man in the head with a piece of wood... "thru" a car window. Probably did not pay for "whatever".. that.. and including the weekend nightly "gun shots" (no joke) was last straw. My Wife and I did not dare to put my daughter out side in the front yard to play.. as it was so wicked out there.. so I put my house on the market. I did not think that it was sell.. but it did.. and I made a "very" large profit off of it! And I bought a "brand new" house in a very nice neighborhood. The house is automated with GE z-wave electrical outlets, which is pretty awesome... but the great neighborhood and people here are 100% awesome!

    I'm still working in I.T. on a very large Wide Area Network (WAN). And also, I actually am now "teaching" I.T. certifications remotely nationwide and "worldwide". Next year I may be teaching a certain organization live on at certain sites.. part time. Things are so wild when I think back.. I have "a lot" to be thankful for.. even book publishers send me free book when I ask them.. and "famous authors" of certain I.T. books have actually asked "me" for advice with their own books!

    I don't know "everything".. and I'm not trying to be egotistical.. I'm just "so grateful".. you guys have no idea. In my teaching in CompTIA A+, I started to reference Philip's site here.. as He gave me a lot of courtesy years ago.. I never forgot that... and even though I'm am "wicked busy" I always remember this site going forward... I hope that some of the old timers here like YOSC.. ect are doing well. Oh ya.. great ready for the S.G. Xmas Snow! Everyone loves the snow! :-)

    Have a great day tomorrow! - Tom
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