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Thread: Free - Gears of War 4 code

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    Free - Gears of War 4 code

    After years of console gaming, I have been really thinking about building a new gaming rig. My wife passed away last month from cancer and I have just been kind of lost, so I finally decided to take the plunge thinking it would give me something to do and a good way to escape reality for an hour or so here and there. Anyway, I bought everything I need to hopefully make a pretty decent system. Along with my graphics cards I received two downloadable codes for Gears of War 4. Would anyone like one of them? I obviously don't need two for one computer. First person to inbox me can have it.
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    Sorry to hear about your wifes passing

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    I didn't know either, really sorry to hear about your wife Russell.

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    still available?

    Any thing i can do or help with if it is

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