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Thread: Network Latency improvement

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    Network Latency improvement

    Hello all, am very glad to be member of this nice community

    i have a question.i live in a country in middle east and i have a problem where my customers are getting about 100ms ping to online game servers such as dota 2,counter strike and such games.

    while with other ISP they are getting about 70ms

    so i want to find a way somehow where can i improve my latency to Europe like an online solution or something i can rely on

    thank u very much for ur help

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    Latency is most often caused by distance, your ISP's equipment, and their choice of backbone providers (cheaper bandwidth usually introduces more latency). Because of that, there is rarely much you can do on your end. You have to consider that even with fiber, the speed of light is about 300,000 km/second, so a roundtrip (latency is rountrip time) between the US and Europe of ~10,000km would give you approximately 40ms minimum latency. When you add repeaters/switches/routers to that theoretical minimum, it often is twice that number in real life.

    You can, however find out where the latency usually occurs by using a traceroute, just drop to command prompt and type: tracert (or substitute with the hostname of your gameserver). This will show you each hop that the connection uses to get to that particular destination, and if there are any ping spikes you can see what causes the increased latency.

    I hope that helps.

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    If you are on the interleaved profile you will get higher pings, try to get your profile switched to fastpath also provide traceroutes to eliminate exchange congestion.

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    Hi, to solve latency problems, one must be aware first about what causes slow speed. There are possible solutions, and to be able to work it out with it effectively, you may want to consider a reliable service provider like [spammy plug removed by admin].

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