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Thread: Stuck In Safe Mode

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    Stuck In Safe Mode

    Running windows 7 32 bit os I tried to boot in safe mode but it seems to be stuck.I tried to use the system configuration utility but it wont let me click any of the options under general and boot tab.All of this happened after I did a format (reason for format computer froze) I have formatted many times on different computers but noting like this has ever happened.I am logged in as admin but I am limited on what I can do under options. I have tried f8 and f5 keys but noting seems to work I have tried system restore/repair I even tried format again but now it says I am missing a media file and to insert disk.Can some one advise me on what I need to do or am doing wrong thanks.

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    You are not providing enough information. What drive did you format ? What drive is the OS installed on ?

    You may have to use the OS disk to do a repair install in order to make it bootable if you you formatted the boot drive.

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    Also 32 bit makes me think this is "old" old computer, thus an old hard drive that, if it's more than 5 years old...I'd highly suspect the hard drive is failing. Computer "froze" of the more common causes of this is a failing hard drive. Doing a nuke 'n pave on the same old failing hard drive just brings along the same problem.
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